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Watched this a couple of nights ago and it’s still resonating with me. Regardless on where you stand on the Sleaford Mods (Me? Love some of it and the rest I can leave) this is ESSENTIAL VIEWING for any band wanting to get anywhere in the music game. It’s one of the greatest music documentaries ever made. Not for the rock n roll tales of excess (there’s not much in that dept), but for the gritty reality of what it takes to make your mark in this game.

The music world is full of hard luck tales and nearly bands who would have got there if it hadn’t been for someone else, some band member, manager, label etc. It takes a hell of a lot of hard work, resilience and self ownership to get anywhere in this game and even then you need all your stars to align, that bit of luck on your side, be in the right place, the right time etc.

Sleaford Mods

After several years, The Sleaford Mods got their chance for their 15 mins. It could have been over as soon as it had began but they jumped on it and took their ride for all it was worth and they’re still riding it, because love them or loathe them they have what it takes to stay in the game.

In a band you need a solid unit where everyone knows their role within the band. Sure, you need an ego to work in this game, however when there’s a job that needs to be done, egos have to be left firmly at the door in order for the greater good. You also need everyone on board promoting the hell out of it.

In my 10 years of Northern Star I worked with many fantastic bands, but I only ever worked with one band with the focus, commitment and work ethic that it takes to get there. They weren’t the best band I’d worked with but they were certainly contenders, until one person’s ego believing it’s own press, brought the whole thing crashing down.

A lot of bands either don’t know what it takes or are not willing to put the effort in. They waste their time getting jealous of others, moan about everything and make fuck all effort, then expect to reap the rewards when there’s some minor glory to be had. Every band I’ve ever been in has suffered this fate which is why I now choose to go it alone and work with who I choose.

I miss the label and putting on gigs so much, but nothing could ever get me back into it unless I could work with a band (or bands) that had the attributes needed to make an impact, with their eyes firmly focused on the prize.


The Reverend

Cowell Egging!

I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, X Factory or any other so called reality or talent show, it’s all low brow uninteresting & when I did observe it in it’s early incarnation often humiliating experience. Big Brother, well don’t get me started there!

Unfortunately not watching these shows, which have without doubt stifled creativity & pandered to the corporate money making machine with it’s lowest common denominator products I can’t totally ignore it because some TV channels think that what happens on all of the above can constitute news. No it’s not, people living & dying,  World economics good & bad, I’m not adverse to good news, I’d love to hear more of it reported but it’s disaster & vacuous celebrity shite that faceless producers seem obsessed with. They would probably argue that this is what the public is obsessed with but I would ask what came first the chicken or the proverbial egg?

Anyway, to the point, over the weekend, on the news, all over Facebook I notice this Simon Cowell ‘egging’ thing & for once my curiosity is spiked, did somebody actually stand up to the musical anti-christ? I admire his ability to make money, in my opinion his contribution to society is just what he pays in taxes, it certainly isn’t anything to do with art or creativity. As a consequence I went looking for the footage, what a joke. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as contrived in years, even Alistair Campbell would’ve advised Tony Blair not to go for that stunt, or at least hired somebody to do it more convincingly. Where does a member of an orchestra hide a box of half a dozen eggs for starters, I thought she was going to laugh at one point, the performers barely batted an eyelid, Cowell didn’t press charges & had a joke ready. The master of publicity strikes again, Mr Mean gets his comeuppance, yawn bloody yawn, please don’t soil the news programmes with this boring inconsequential tripe & tell me something interesting.


PS – I am aware in discussing this I do add to the publicity, I only hope my opinion offers a little balance.