The Cult of Free Love – ‘Love Revolution’

Posted: July 9, 2016 in Album & Single Reviews, Music, Record Reviews
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TCOFL Press Release Image

Harking from somewhere in deepest North Wales, no doubt on a high following Wales’s recent successes in the football arena, this enigmatic collective are certainly making a name for themselves. Their last release ‘Love is All There Is’ completely sold out, yes sold out in these difficult times for non-major label bands. Not an insignificant number either.

Track 1 is called Drone, well named as it does what it says on the tin. A brave first track, most bands would put this on last to drop the vibe right down for their gentle experimental exit but these boys/girls aren’t playing too safe.

Track 2 ‘Jaya Deva’ is more what TCOFL (sorry I got lazy there) are all about. Very much a far eastern vibe going on with some infectious electronic soundscapes & hypnotic Hindi vocals.

Track 3 has so 80’s electro beats in there, can’t get OMD out of my head with this one (sorry) . Tune is called ‘Interpretations of Love 1’ & the first of 3 interpretations featuring different re-mixes. This one being Kontakte. The track evolves into an intriguing contrast of sweet melody, industrial beeps & an understated rhythm track. File under uneasy listening … cool though.

Fans of the Twilight Zone, well I’m old enough anyhow … for the re-runs, might recognise the sample from track 4 ‘You are Obsolete’. make no bones about it, the message is clear. The sample is put to good use & the vintage recording adds an other-worldly-ness to an already ethereal vibe created by some solid vintage synth sounds. Makes me think of some of the Jah Wobble Invaders of the Heart Period.

Flip it over, if you have the vinyl, & track 5 ‘Interpretations of Love 11 (Danney Walley)’ drops a big fat groove whilst maintaining the eastern vibe. As a variation on Part 1 it does sound like a completely different tune, happy, upbeat & hit repeat.Making me think of Bomb the Bass & probably the highlight of the album for me.

Track 6, ‘Guru Lover’ killer bassline & driving beats with a hypnotic tabla sounding synth invading your ear-space. This tune evolves & grows with every listen. It has more  fresh sounding eastern vocals, I’m wondering if this band really are from Wales? The vibe is definitely south of the equator. This is my other personal highlight of the record.

Track 7 ‘Space Odyssey 2020’is a more laid back affair big sweeping synths easing you along in waves of darkness. it’s doing what it says on the tin as far as the title is concerned. Sci-Fi film directors apply at the address above.

Track 8 is more in line with the collective first release, ‘Love is All There is’ but with a stronger bottom end. It has an hypnotic nasty head bobbing vibe & trancy synths floating around the ether, it’sd possibly too early to start talking trademarks sounds for this band but I suspect this could be it.

I’m not one for tags but here’s one Transcendental progressive dance, I’ll have some of what these guys are on please.

You can get yourself a download if you like but for a hardcore music fan, the vinyl option is always my first choice. That is if it is available on vinyl, well the good news is this beauty is.It’s available from Wrong Way Records.

Check the link for orders / pre-orders here – The Cult of Free Love ‘Love Revolution’

For more info – The Cult of Free Love




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