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OFF! is a rarity in the punk rock / hardcore world – a late career entity that is equal to, if not better than, all the acts the members have been involved with over the last 35 years. Keith Morris led Black Flag and Circle Jerks, Dimitri Coats fronted Burning Brides, Steve Shane McDonald was / is bassist for Redd Kross, and Mario Rubalcaba also mans the drum kit for Rocket from the Crypt and Hot Snakes. Without a doubt, this is impressive company – but OFF! truly are something special. The band recently dropped the Wasted Yearsfull length – 16 tracks of blistering aggression that covered just over 20 minutes. My favorite record by them so far, and here we are just a few weeks later with 2 non LP tracks – Learn to Obey and I See Through You, released on Paul Weller’s favorite day

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Northern Star is widely renowned for its infamous live shows. The first ever Northern Star show launched the label at SXSW and evolved into AUSTIN PSYCH FEST. LIVE REVOLUTION is a live document featuring highlights of the 2013 Northern Star Weekender. The album was recorded over the 22nd-24th March 2013 at the Windmill in Brixton, South London. This limited edition vinyl record features live performances from Soundwire, The Early Morning Satellites, The Carousels, The Greencoats, The Electric Mainline, Deep Cut (featuring ex-members of Death In Vegas and Revolver), Air Cav and 93MillionMilesFromTheSun. Northern Star is a record label dedicated to psychedelic, independent and underground sounds. The label launched back in March 2006 with the first volume of the now legendary Psychedelica series which featured an eclectic selection of the very best in contemporary psychedelia from across the world.

This latest offering, an instant incredible collectable, chances are you might be too late already to get hold of this very limited edition vinyl only release but I highly recommend you go & check. I have massive respect for labels brave enough to make this move in this digital age of ours. This is putting something very special back into music, ‘exclusivity’. This isn’t a release that will end up on random shuffle on your i.pod, this is a release you will savour on more than a superficial level  If you want to listen to it you will have to interact with it, choose it from the shelf, carefully extract it from the sleeve, dust it if needed, choose which side to play & get that needle on there & take a look at the cover which should be works of art to covet in themselves. Nortern Satr Liverevolution A large part of what’s missing from music these days (besides a lack of decent new music that is) is the nescessity to interact & care for the format. To love music is to interact with it, not just an endless soul-less random soundtrack endlessly flowing in the background. The digital age has caused music to be a disposable item, this release definitely does not fall into that category.

Yeah I know, I’ve gone on extoll the virtues of vinyl porn & not told you about what this record sounds like. From the moment the needle hits the grooves it’s a winner, ‘Liverevolution’ is the name & there definitely is a revolution going on here. It’s totally punk in the spirit of 76/77, a no compromise in your face wall of sound & the listener can be forgiven for forgetting this is a live album because of the quality of the performances here. Just goes to show MC5 did the right thing with their debut.

Side A – Opening band on this release are Swansea’s Soundwire who combine the space ritualistic sonics of Hawkwinds with the menace of Killing Jokes spikier moments.  Hailing from Glasgow we have Early Morning Satellites who increase the pace with a harder space rock vibe. Another Scottish band – The Carousels bring a lighter Byrds-esue flavour into the mix with their infectious melodic tune ‘Mayflower’, sounds like a single to me! In fairness I think the bands would think I should be referencing the likes of MBV for the vibe of this record but being a mature music fan I remember Hawkwind who are for me the granddaddy of this scene. That comparrison I can fairly lay this at the door of The Greencoats who take that vibe & dirty it up hardcore style.

Side B – Well I’ve reviewed this lot before so I’m already a fan, Electric Mainline bring some Joy Division to the party with their spindly guitar riffs,  kicking up an interstellar flight of vitriolic fantasy.  London based Deep Cut bring some female vocals to the proceedings with their tune ‘Something’s Got To Give’, which reminds me of some of the 80’s US new wave bands with a Jesus & Mary approach to the guitars. Air Cav hail from my hometown of Manchester, bassline reminiscent of early Hookey with the music alternating between the haunting violin melody & wall of noise, guitarist vocalist Chris Nield reminds me a lot of Brian Molko but Air Cav are a much more consistent sounding band than his. Placebo should take notes. Last but not least is the aural assault of 93 Million Miles From The Sun, a massive wall of driving sound, a perfect soundtrack to compliment exploding stars. Nortern Star Liverevolution image

Whilst writing this I keep thinking of my Nuggets,  Pebbles & Crypts’ Back From the Grave comps & that’s firmly places this live compilation into the truly magnificent company of the best garage rock compilations on this planet. A must have release for any psyche, garage, shoegaze fan.

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Associates – Club Country

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Great to be reminded about this classic.

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Attack of the Killer Track! is a series that explores tracks from artists from a variety of genres. Some of the tracks were singles, some of them were obscure b-sides or long forgotten album tracks. One thing is certain – all of them are killer tracks.

In the days before the instant gratification of YouTube or perusing music blogs, you’d have to work quite a bit to find out of print musical gems. In the early to mid 90’s I’d read about the Associates – a group described as Bowie meets Scott Walker with a post punk edge (this was clearly before Scott Walker’s soon to come transformation / return). Oh, and the group also included Michael Dempsey, who was The Cure’s original bassist. Sounded heavenly. The only problem was that all the early records were long out of print and the ones that I could find were bastardized US…

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The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored.

Dub Sex – Warm Up Show – The Eagle Inn Salford – April 7 2014

For me there are few better places to see a band you love in a small intimate venue where everyone can see the whites of everybody else’s eyes. Well The Eagle Inn scores on that count. My first time there & what a great little venue it is too. Tonight we are here to witness Dub Sex performing a secret warm up show for their first official headline show in around 25 years. The moment I heard I had to be there after being fortunate enough to witness their 7 song performance at a benefit show for St Mary’s Hospital Baby Unit back on October 13 2013. That show left me hungry for more.

Tonight’s show feeds that hunger as it is a longer set of Dub Sex classics, the bandDub Sex Eagle salford April 7 2014 -  Setlist have lost non of their edge, the sound is hungry, edgy & as wonderfully awkward & spiky as it ever was. The songs cross the years seamlessly, sounding a fresh as the first time I heard them 20+ years ago. If you want to hear some post punk the way it’s supposed to sound check this lot out sharpish!

The band’s line up consists of original members:- Mark Hoyle as ever on vocals, Cathy Brooks on bass, Chris Bridgett on guitar & new members Kevin Clark on drums & Marks song Stefan Hoyle on guitar. The 2 latter members crossing a complete generation, slotting in seamlessly & putting in solid full on performances.


The band release a couple of long lost recordings on Record Store Day – Saturday April 19. The songs ‘Over and Over / Time of Life’ were produced by another Manchester legend Martin Hannett. –

The band play their next show at Sound Control Manchester on April 10 2014 – Dub Sex Eagle salford April 7 2014 - 1

Performing live at the superb Strummercamp Festival May 24 2014 –

Catch them at Kendal Calling August 1-3 2014 –


Live Footage from the Ruby Lounge show October 2013