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Death Threat Cassette - 'Lo-Fi or Die'

This landed on my desk a while back & blew my head off, raucous, uncompromising, sometime vitriolic but interspersed with great melodies. Death Cassette is, rather than are, actually a one man writer, performer, producer. That man is Lee Pequeur formerly of awesome North East alt rockers Solanoid one of this music lover’s favourite live bands. Solanoid’s live performances were never predictable & always electric featuring Lee one of the UK’s great rock ‘n’ roll frontmen.

There’s enough angst on this recording  for a high school of pubescent kids to feed on all the way to adulthood.  Lee’s guitar work is often inspiring & always exciting, embracing the familiarity of rock riffing tradition along with great twisted innovation all of his own. It’s American in influence but the vitriol is very British, don’t stand too close for fear of scarring!  The album is far from PC in lyrical content & certainly in the parental advisory category, you know you’ve strayed into dangerous territory when every song has the ‘explicit’ warning besides every track on it’s listing. Punk as F%*k then.

The use of sampling along with some unexpected  fresh sounding  beats (certainly in the rock context) helps set this album apart from the pack. One of the standout tunes ‘Easyway Out’  is laid back by this albums standards with an infectious hook & strong harmonies, it has single written all over it. In a Just world this would be a summertime hit but this is the music industry & the real world,  not a Just one so the mainstream’s loss is the underground’s gain.

There are some class song titles here – ‘Missing Without Action’, ‘Bullets as Metaphors’, ‘Yoko of the Noid’ &  ‘Geoff of the Gurners’, which has the opening lyric ‘Waiting for the bass bin to come & smash my face in’ & that is as safe as this song gets, beware! This album is a vitriolic sonic attack full of stark contrast, intense guitars, pounding beat & infectious vocal hooks. There are so many strong songs on this album it’s difficult to choose any as specific highlights though I will say closing tune ‘We Panic, We Cope, We Don’t’ is worthy for the breaking of new territory. This song helps make sense of the ‘experimental’ tag used to describe the sound.

Every song on this debut is a classic, it’s has an abundance of  rollercoaster soundscapes that leave this listener reeling, hitting the replay button over & over.  This is one of the top albums of the last 12 months & staying on my playlist for the foreseeable future.  I hope to see a live incarnation of DTC soon.

The album is  available digitally on or you can get a physical copy by mail order direct from DTC through the Facebook page.


CD - Heartaches & Hardons

CD – Heartaches & Hardons

This arrived as a link in my mailbox recently. New project featuring Manchester rock ‘n’ roll guitar legend Johny Skullnuckles. Johny has graced many a stage with the likes of Goldblade, The Business A.N.W.L & Texas Terri Bomb to name a few.

This is a 100% DIY release on Jonhy’s JSK imprint which is what we like here at TKR especially when they arrive so beautifully formed. The overall vibe is Pistols or maybe more The Professionals with some of the pop sensibilities of The Bay City rollers (not that this particular hack was a fan however I was heavily exposed to them in my formative years). They also bring to mind US band The Generators but then they are one of the most British sounding punk bands I’ve ever heard. Full of great power-driven hooks & memorable melodies (shh! Don’t want to undermine the punk ‘n’ roll sensibilities). Some great original songs here & also includes a cover of Fallen Angels ‘Amphetamine Blue’.
After a couple of listens, yes I liked it enough to return a few times, I’m finding I like this more with each listen. It’s got enough familiarity to convert the traditionalists & a healthy dose of individuality that keeps me coming back for more. The bio says the band is purely a studio project at this point with no intention to tour which in my view is the live circuit’s loss as I’ve seen Johny perform live many times & I for one would like to see this on the road.

Big thumbs up from us a TKR, now where’s the nearest bus shelter, I could do with kicking one in.


Get the limited edition Cd release or download at Band Camp –

SupaJamma – Studio Update 3

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Studio Update 3.

Eliza P Tells It How It Is Over Tea & Biscuits.