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The Electric Mainline – Don’t You Know’ – EP  (Northern Star Records)


Having heard the band before I had my pre-conceived view of Joy Division meets Hawkwind, not unreasonable as they have the whole psychedelic wall of sound thing going on but stripped back with a wonderful bleak post punk vibe, works for me.  The ‘original’ lead track ‘Don’t You Know’ makes me pine for my big Muff, no, not that you dirty beggars, the wonderfully crude  70’s stomper fuzz pedal, the guitar has a filthy overdriven  attack with a Bernard Sumner lead  guitar winding its way throughout the song.  The lead vocal carries a line ‘Fuck this situation’ well you can’t go wrong with sentiments like that  in these days of musical apathy & corporate conveyor belt musical soft porn  worship. The EP has some excellent re-mixes of the lead track from Teenage Sin, Millrock, HiTs & my particular favourite Deep Cut which digs deep into the melody & drags out the space-rock, shows just what a strong tune this is.

For fans of Joy Divison, My Bloody Valentine, ‘Space Ritual’ period Hawkwind but don’t go expecting carbon copies, this lot have built their own wall of noise. Also check out their ‘All Too Much’ EP.

 Simon Collier.